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01-27-23 04:52:51 AM

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Posted on 06-15-19 09:24:42 PM (last edited by BlueFinch at 06-15-19 09:54:31 PM) Link | Quote
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Concept by: Evil Elf
Programmed by: BlueFinch

This patch makes it so that wherever Mario encounters a Super Mushroom, it makes him into Super Mario. For instance, if he is wearing a Tanooki Suit and is mid-flight, then a mushroom comes out of nowhere and he hits it... he becomes Super Mario and falls to his death.

I know what you're thinking: "If he is already Super Mario, then the mushroom won't spawn, but a fire flower or leaf will instead." True!

This patch does no affect the progressive nature of powerups in the small blocks; if you're Super Mario and bop a ? block that has a fire flower... then a fire flower comes out. If you're small Mario, the mushroom will spawn.

BUT, where this works is with the Giant Super Mushroom Block (#149) and with the stray mushroom (#28). Those will spawn as mushrooms always, and those are what Mario now needs to watch out for once this patch is applied!

Also, this patch does work with Kuribo's shoe, so it won't kill Kuribo shoe; it will only replace Mario's powerup state within the shoe with Super Mario.

As always, use with caution, and use a backup to check it first... Make it good!

I DID make provisions in my modification for this to be 'clean', which means it SHOULD work with literally any current project you've got going on, but you do your due diligence also!

What's in the ZIP:
1) The Patch Itself
2) The modified code-spots (in this case, just PRG-001.asm)

Size:44.23 KB

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SMB3 Prime - Tools - PATCH: Absolute MushroomNew poll - New thread - New reply

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