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01-27-23 03:40:04 AM

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Joe Smo
Posted on 06-30-20 03:31:27 AM (last edited by Joe Smo at 10-15-20 04:18:17 AM) Link | Quote

Level: 10

Posts: 18/21
EXP: 3526
For next: 888

Since: 05-25-19

From: America

Since last post: 2.6 years
Last activity: 303 days

The level editor for hacking SMB3

Whats New:
- adds Level Selector using the actual world maps
- adds Help button to toolbar explaining parts of the editor
- adds default background and ground graphic to dungeon levels
- adds double click on jump list to edit jump
- adds entries under Help menu
- adds blocks that make up an object in object viewer
- adds live update of level view, when changing level object palette
- adds rendering of a handful of special background level objects
- adds block viewer and object viewer starting up current object set
- adds names to previously "weird" objects

- fixes block viewer not having button icons
- fixes upward pipe in desert levels
- fixes a ton of hilly and underground objects
- fixes M3L compatibility (world and level numbers will be ignored)
- fixes non-hex spinner showing 0x prefix
- fixes spinner platform being rendered in wrong position
- fixes spelling in README and MANUAL (thanks ConfuSomu)


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SMB3 Prime - Tools - SMB3 Foundry 1.21New poll - New thread - New reply

SMB3 Prime

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