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10-25-20 04:30:57 PM

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Posted on 06-24-19 09:38:27 PM (last edited by Mari42 at 06-24-19 09:39:02 PM) Link | Quote

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I'm making a new hack called: SMB3 3rd quest. This is my first time making this hack as SNES. Thanks Insectduel for the tutorial. This hack will balance difficulty, and there will be new features adding along with Insectduel patch!

(Don't worry about the palettes!)

I'm not releasing a demo until I port over the standalone SMB3 cartridge that Yoshifanatic1 made. I will release a demo once everything is ported over. If anyone want to help me with ideas, or to make more levels with me then you PM ME or DM in discord in SMB3 Prime server!

Posted on 07-29-19 12:41:51 PM Link | Quote

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Looking good so far! I love when people work with Allstars. (That's where all my rom hacking energy went to back in the day!)


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SMB3 Prime - SMB3 Remake Hacking - NEW SMB3 romhack (SNES)New poll - New thread - New reply

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