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02-22-24 01:42:37 PM

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Posted on 06-06-19 12:52:08 PM (last edited by Emuz at 06-21-19 04:32:47 PM) Link

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The attachment/file system we use here is based upon adding files to posts. Why? Simple! It allows you give a little explanation of your hack/image/whatnot/doohicky as well as any other elements you'd like to present about it. You can upload as many files on a post as you like up to 2MB as of the writing of this mini-guide. You can only post them in select forums. They should be marked at the end of their description whether they allow you to post file or not. If you try to post in a forum that doesn't allow it you won't see the feature at all.. don't panic! (or if the forums says it should and it doesn't.. well it's lying to you and let staff know so we can.. ummm 'correct' it. )

To start.. just create a new post.. or a new thread.. or even reply to someone else's post.. any will do!

You'll see the following:

(*I typed out {or use the little image button}:

Click browse to find the file to upload. If you wish to verify it's upload, click the Preview Thread/Post button. If you wish to upload more than one file type how many you wish to have in the "Show Fields" box and hit "Preview Thread/Post" (I know we'll work on that to be less mehey.) You'll get multiple boxes you can use to upload with. (Note: it counts any uploaded files as part of the number. Below is an example of 5 uploads on a post)

When you are done writing all about your wonderful whatever and have posted all the files. If you wish to use images you've attached to the thread you can by editing your post! Find the link for your attached file but right clicking and copying location.

Than place in an [img] or img html tag the link you copied. Boom! Bucking the system has never been so.. umm.. easy?

The reason you have to post it first is a file is not uploaded until you finalize your post. But you can edit any post you make as much as you like!

We'll be making improvements as we go along.. and over time we'll make improvements and changes as we go.

I really look forward to everyone's creations!

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SMB3 Prime - General Forum - How to use the Attachment File Upload SystemNew poll - New thread - Thread closed

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